Do you have the idea that yoga is not for you because you live in an abundant, bountiful body? Wrong! Yoga is for everybody. Every. Body.   It can be hard to walk into a class and be worried about if you can keep up,  if everyone there is smaller than you, if it will be too hard, if tiny little stick people will give you the side eye while putting their legs over their heads, if your breathing will be too loud, whatever! But this is a class just for you! Please come and try!   Abundant Yoga is a workshop for beginning or experienced yogis who may have a larger body.  All are welcome who would enjoy a slower paced way of moving. As we build strength and flexibility, we will also prepare you to take any yoga class by learning how to adapt and vary yoga poses for your own beautiful body.  You’ll learn about the chakras, some yoga etiquette, a little yoga history, and how to decipher yoga class descriptions to make sure a class is for you. Every week we will move and breathe. 

Note: No class October 9th & October 23rd.