fileKundalini Yoga is the Yoga of awareness—strengthening your own awareness of your body, your spirit and your connection with the infinite.  The Kundalini is the creative potential from the channel of energy that flows up the spine. Kundalini is named for the curl in a lock of your beloved’s hair. In the body, we can activate the kundalini by moving, breathing, and activating locks.  The locks, combined with breath retention, help the kundalini—the energy and connection between you and the infinite- rise. Kundalini is very different from hatha or flow yoga. It’s a prescribed set of movements to produce a certain benefit. Instructor Amy Toft is a certified Kundalini Instructor and she will guide you through yoga and meditation as she introduces you to Kundalini (lifestyle, chanting, and benefits) each week.  Students will meet in front of the Fine Arts Building and proceed to their outdoor class location for each day.  No class on September 3.