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Past Life Research 9/20/2017
Time: 6:00 PMto 9:00 PM

Many cultures believe we are souls having a physical experience in this time and place.  These experiences can span centuries.  Ever wonder who you were in a past life? Do you obsess over a certain time in history? Why are you drawn to certain locations, countries or areas in the US? Have you ever just met someone yet feel like you have known them forever?  Chances are you feel drawn to those things because you had a past life experience.  This class will teach students the proficient use of pendulums and charts to discover who they were in past lives.  It’s meant to be a fun class.  Week One:  students will learn more about those feelings described above and how to use a pendulum proficiently.  Students may bring a pendulum, or one will be provided for class use only. Week Two:  students will learn how to incorporate charts with the pendulum and how to make inquiries using them and other tools.   Students that are interested in continuing their practice can purchase an optional Past Life Research Kit which will include laminated charts, instructions and crystal pendulum for a small fee.


Fee: $49 

Instructor:  Sandy March

Diane Gause  208-732-6442
Community Education
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