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Kid''s Intermediate Plyometrics 6/12/2017
Time: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Don’t lose your edge over the summer - instead, develop the skills and stamina to become a better athlete! This conditioning program will focus on speed, strength, and explosiveness to enhance your athleticism. This six-week course will help young athletes develop the skills necessary for safe and effective sport participation.   CSI Health, Recreation, and Fitness Instructor, Travis Bunker will help you become stronger and quicker in your favorite sport.  Travis is the strength and conditioning coordinator over all CSI athletics and will push you to reach your potential. Come get better! This class is for those with minimal to moderate experience and gives more specific/difficult training. 
Fee: $150
Diane Gause   208-732-6442  dgause@csi.edu
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