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Corona Virus Information

The College of Southern Idaho welcomes its students back to campus this fall with programs designed to keep students safe and on track to reach their academic and personal goals. To accomplish these goals, there will need to be some modifications to ensure the safety of students and faculty.

All students and teachers are required to wear masks during fall classes, which includes these enrichment courses, so bring and wear your mask to class in addition to washing your hands, staying home if you are sick, etc. Also, be aware of social distancing so just keep up the practice of staying/sitting six feet away from other students and teachers, which means empty seats between students.

Our CSI maintenance crew is working double time cleaning and disinfecting classrooms. In response to COVID-19, buildings have been adjusted to bring in more than the minimum required fresh outside air. Filters are replaced on a regular schedule which varies depending on the type of system and type of building occupancy. We are upgrading to filters that will capture 80%-90% of particles in the air. Viruses are too small to be captured by filters, but the filters capture particles and water droplets that harbor viruses.

Faculty may require students to follow additional safety procedures and use additional personal protection gear as necessary, especially in classes where hands-on instruction is required. This will be the case in such classes as Pottery. You will receive additional information after registration for these classes.

Please treat everyone with respect and kindness recognizing that everyone is doing the best they can in extraordinary circumstances.

I think together we can pull off a fairly safe and super fun fall semester! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Camille Barigar, Director of Community Enrichment

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