This camp is for both you and your dog! Spend six weeks developing effective training techniques and forging a mutually-beneficial relationship between you and your dog. This class will emphasize positive reinforcement and you learning “dog language” to enable you to better communicate with your dog.

This class will cover basic commands: sit, down, attention, leave it, stay, and heel (on short and long leads). The first week of class we will meet without our dogs to learn some important guidelines to help ensure we have a successful class. Space is limited and pre-registration is required.

Class requirements: Bring proof of current vaccinations, a buckle collar, six-foot leash, 20-30 foot line, tasty dog treats, a commitment to working with your dog as part of a team, and a commitment to be well-mannered and considerate of others and their dog. (Dogs should not have fear or aggression issues with other dogs). You may register online at or by calling the Mini-Cassia Center at (208) 678-1400.

Instructor Bio

Instructor Irma Martinez is a fellow dog owner and self-taught dog enthusiast who believes in creating healthy and positive connections between humans and their furry friends.