CSI Community Education Center

Suggest/Teach a Class

Thank you for your interest and willingness to join the CSI Community Education family as an instructor. As a comprehensive Community College, our instructional purpose is expressed in a number of ways including programs for transferring to four-year schools; short-term and custom training programs; programs in technical education for employment upon completion; developmental courses for those needing to improve their academic skills; and classroom as well as online non-credit courses for personal enrichment, professional development, and new career training.

CSI provides quality educational, social, cultural, economic, and workforce development opportunities that meet the diverse needs of the communities it serves. CSI prepares students to lead enriched, productive, and responsible lives in a global society.

The College of Southern Idaho recognizes all individuals as having value in a democratic society. CSI believes that education is for everyone and at all stages of life – meeting students where they are, helping them with where they want to be, and instilling the importance of lifelong learning. CSI strives to foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, informed engagement, social and civic responsibility, and productive global citizenship.

Over the past 43 years, we have found that part-time instructors are a valuable resource for providing learning opportunities to the community outside of regular credit classes, and the subject matter can be successfully addressed by someone currently dealing with it in a practical manner. It has taken a great deal of preparation for you to become an expert in your own field of endeavor and in order to provide quality experiences for students enrolled in your classes, CSI requires that you become acquainted with the basics of good teaching practices so that you may share your talents in the best possible way.

Stacy Madsen