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CSI Theater Camp ages 10 - 18 6/25/2018
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Hey, kids! Want to go to the one summer camp where you’ll learn how to use stage makeup to give yourself (or somebody else) bruises, gashes, and old man wrinkles? Do you want to learn how to swing a sword, take a fake punch, and fall without getting hurt?   What about learning how to act and take stage directions? All of this and more is available in the week-long adventure that is CSI Theatre Camp. The camp will consist of age-appropriate breakaway classes such as makeup, set design, stage lighting, stage combat, acting, audition prep, puppets, improv, mime, costuming, musical theatre and more!
Fee: $185 or $205 after June 8
Diane Gause   208-732-6442  communityed@csi.edu
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